Music Makes Me High — A-3-C festival in Atlanta:

A-3-C festival in Atlanta:

Bring people together from everywhere to enjoy music.

What’s Better Than A Festival?

The answer to that question is a good festival such as A-3-C Fest. There really isn’t anything as exciting than a dynamic line-up, regardless of genre. A music festival is an immersive experience that is a place to escape, develop great memories with friends and discover great new artists. The ability to connect with your favorite band or artist in an elevated capacity is such an exciting prospect. There is nothing really like passionately singing a verse back to that artists with a crowd of fellow music lovers.

It’s the camaraderie amongst the crowd and the occasional rowdiness that create even more excitement. The anticipation of waiting for a set to start, the usual heat wave that fans begrudgingly accept for the sake to just see their favorite acts and the natural dopamine rush that hits when everyone’s favorite single hits the chorus. Everyone puts up with the gross bathrooms, the obnoxious first-time festival goers, the hectic lines upon entering a festival and more, because once you are all set up in your tent and dressed to impress (or rather dress to survive the heat wave you’ll endure)- in order for three days of great musical moments.

It’s Now More Than Just Music

These days, Festivals aren’t just about music, there are speakers, immersive pop up stations and vendors amongst others. It’s like creating a little world that exists for a weekend, but resides in your memory for years. A- 3- C Fest involves a conference, which allows you to network with the music makers, entrepreneurs and tastemakers that contribute to hip-hop culture. Within the festival, A3C hosts dozens of discussions, workshops, mixers, mentor sessions and interviews with hundreds of tastemakers, thought-leaders and industry experts.

It’s a celebration of the genre of hip hop for what was, what’s happening and what’s to come. A3C brings a variety of dynamic artists to the forefront and people understanding the power of lyrics, along with helping one another achieve something great.