Music Makes Me High — Afropunk Festival:

Afropunk Festival:

A Traveling Festival - Bring The Music To You.

Not Just About The Music:

There are always different things that music can celebrate, promote and be intertwined with. For the Afropunk Festival, it describes itself as “an influential community of young, gifted people of all backgrounds who speak through music, art, film, comedy, fashion and more. Originating with the 2003 documentary that highlighted a Black presence in the American punk scene, it is a platform for the alternative and experimental. Remaining at the core of its mission are the punk principles of DIY aesthetics, radical thought and social non-conformity. AFROPUNK is a voice for the unwritten, unwelcome and unheard-of.”

The festival is an environment for a plethora of things such as discussion, activism, great music and art, individuality, fashion, and the acceptance of the self. It’s about creative and true self expression, and a place that aims to be without judgement. It’s about learning and respecting others’ way of life, along with perspectives. Afropunk is about celebrating individuality and diverse cultures, while promoting authentic artistry of various types. They promote a welcoming, open-minded space and oppose prejudice concerning age, gender, sexuality, race, and any other behavior of hatefulness. The festival wants people to come be who they are and as they are.

A Global Affair

Afropunk has been around for over fifteen years and is annually held in Brooklyn, New York, but has since spread to other cities such as Atlanta, Paris, London, and Johannesburg. The global locations allow for this substantial festival to further their mission about everyone coming together for a positive, dynamic experience and creating a spaces the embraces individuality in all forms. When you go Afropunk, it’s such an excitement, comprehensive experience and there’s so much to attend. The diversity and variety of speakers, musicians, activists, and fellow festival goers that you interact with and see will be a refreshing experience. Similar festivals aim to promote a diverse, enjoyable experience- but are mostly music focused, but dont have the other cultural and discussion elements.

The festival has great acts come and play at each location, such as Solange, Danny Brown, Anderson Paak and so many more! All the acts, artists or speakers that Afropunk books, represent and reflect the principles of the festival and illustrate that quality comes in many different forms.

We love Afropunk Festival because at it’s core, it’s all about celebrating diversity and individuality. Creative expression occurs in so many capacities and Afropunk intertwines their mission through every part of the festival. While the music is an important aspect, Afropunk elevates the festival experience to a level, where it’s important to celebrate all kinds of people and have the way you think be challenged.