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Variety At It's Best!

The conversation surrounding the best, or as most people like to use GOAT (Greatest of All Time), is always an interesting one. There are factual ways to measure one’s greatness, such as statistics, revenue generation, and impact.

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Master P: The Real King Of The South

Who belongs on the Mount Rushmore of Hip-Hop?

Sure, the faces are debatable. If you ask me, the presidents of Hip-Hop are Dre, Diddy, Jay and Master P! Uncle Russ is more like Ben Franklin but that’s a story for another day.

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The Migos new video!

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The Other Jay!

Roc Nation is no stranger to the music game and it can't be when its founder is none other than Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter himself.

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The Prince Remains King!

Alright scholars how about a little Hip-Hop trivia:

Who was the first rapper to win a Grammy Award?

Run DMC? LL? Pac? Hov?

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The Korean Wave

Have you ever heard of K-pop (Korean Pop) or listened to any music from that genre or  even listened to any type of Korean music at all? If no, then you’re in for a treat because we are here to give you a little insight on what you can expect out of the Korean music scene.

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Without A Song...

If you ever sit back and think about what music means to you, it’s impact can be likened to a battery. Music charges us up. Music gives us life. Even more than that though, music hypes up every situation, doesn’t it?

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Does Nicki Minaj have a problem with Cardi B?

Why isn't Nicki Minaj cool with Cardi B? Or at least why does it seem like she isn't?

Why can’t two female juggernaut emcees embrace each other? A la Lil’ Kim and Foxy Brown.

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The Year Ahead

The Swedish duo comprised of Johanna and Klara Söderberg release their fourth studio album entitled Ruins on January 19th off of Columbia Records and after hearing the singles “Postcard” and “Fireworks”...

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A Holiday Mixtape

Every year at the beginning of December, there is the appearance of a holiday staple- the Christmas song. Some have stood the test of time and are frequent flyers on the holiday...

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We Hate T-shirts...

At every event you have ever gone to, there was probably a t-shirt available, whether they give one away for free or there is one available to buy...

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The Power Of The Band T-Shirt

It’s nothing new for people to be wearing band or artist merchandise, but of course some people just wear them to come across as cool and aren’t authentic appreciators of the music...

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Jay Z And Dean Baquet In Conversation 2017

New York Times interview...

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Music Is My Life

It’s hard to say exactly when Hip-Hop became my best friend, but I can't remember a time in my life where Hip Hop wasn't a part of it. Maybe it was Eric B & Rakim telling me how I have soul...

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Connecting Is Key.

A great song can be so much more than just a three-minute, catchy tune. What makes a song a standout amongst the vast ocean of music out there? Whether it’s a single verse or a soundscape that...

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There's No Wrong Place For Music.

One of the best parts about music is it can be taken anywhere and heard in so many different manners. Whether it’s on the radio, vinyl, on streaming platforms, at a live concert, on television...

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What Was Your Musical Moment?

There’s never not a time that you want to feel like someone understands you or to have a feeling of belonging. You can develop that not just from friends or family, but from a place or things like creative....

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Imagine Music festival:

The Imagine Music Festival knows how to create a engulfing world every September that transports you into a vivid, vibrant space. It’s not just about the music, but having all elements of creative expression...

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Afropunk Festival:

There are always different things that music can celebrate, promote and be intertwined with. For the Afropunk Festival, it describes itself as “an influential community of young, gifted people of all...

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A-3-C Festival In Atlanta:

The answer to that question is a good festival such as A-3-C Fest. There really isn’t anything as exciting than a dynamic line-up, regardless of genre. A music festival is an immersive experience that is a place...

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What’s Music Makes Me High?

What fulfills you and helps shape your life? What is your favorite way to communicate and express yourself? We find that music has a bigger impact than people may think. Here at Music Makes Me High...

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