Music Makes Me High — Connecting Is Key

Connecting Is Key

What Song Has Connected With You.

Not Just Any Old Song

A great song can be so much more than just a three-minute, catchy tune. What makes a song a standout amongst the vast ocean of music out there? Whether it’s a single verse or a soundscape that encapsulates the words you can’t seem to communicate with and represents your sentiments, it can be one of the most comforting things to find. It can be any part of a track that washes over you and hits you harder than anything else has. A track has the ability to inspire, motivate, comfort, and challenges you. A song can also help define a generation, reflect social sentiments, connect complete strangers and raise awareness concerning important issues.

It’s about the emotion and story within a song that either goes in one ear and out the other or sticks with you. The track is like a comforting hand around your shoulder and for a moment, you didn’t believe there was something out there that understood you and your exact feelings about a situation. Each genre has its usual associations, but these days there are so many artists that don’t fit into one box and are making music that is original and substantial, not just making tracks for the top forty. It doesn’t matter who it’s by or how popular it is, but the message that it’s conveys through some part of the song.

Authenticity Can Be Heard

When listening to a song, you can hear the craftsmanship, honesty and authenticity. It travels through the screen, stereo, vinyl needle, etc. A song that is so genuine can be a little frightening or surprising at times because you relate to it so intensely or makes you confront things you are trying to avoid. Yeah sure, everyone is different, but we all are a lot similar then we’d like to think.

What makes an outstanding record or single is relative, but the ability for it’s meaning to transcend its appearance to a listener has always existed. There are so many artists out there that make amazing music, that we don’t have the time to list all our favorite tracks, but we’ll just live off a few. For us, works of Bon Iver, Solange, Prince, The Beatles, Fleet Foxes, Sam Cooke, Alexandra Savior, Julien Baker, Marvin Gaye, Kendrick Lamar, Ben Howard, Chance The Rapper, Tom Petty, The Shins, Margo Price, Gary Clark Jr, and Bob Dylan are the ones that first spring to mind. Share with us who has reached you and what songs resonate with you.