Music Makes Me High — Music Is Life

Music Is Life


This is where it all begins. We understand that for many artists and musicians who bear the beloved burden of creating music do so out of passion. These individuals are inspired by the people in their lives and the world around them. We encourage our artists and musicians to continue creating because the results are the very lifeblood of the various musical cultures we take part in everyday.


We know that music isn't meant for the speakers, the headphones, the arenas, and the countless other mediums that reproduce it. Music is meant for the fans! The people who listen to music to give them a boost throughout their day or maybe just as a tool to connect more with others. Many times the songs we listen to say the words we just couldn't find and putting them in just the right order to help us precisely express our emotions.

Even so, we understand that there isn't just one type of fan. Music is a broad space, but yet fits so many of our lives in very specific ways. From the concert halls to the movie theaters, from the clubs to the restaurants, or from your car to your living room, it's the everyday person that experiences music and understands why it is so important to their life. Music can be a companion to celebrate those milestones or to maneuver through the more difficult moments. Everyone has that nostalgic song or record that permeates their life and creates a deep connection. The many ways music has the ability to resonate with you, can be a powerful thing.


When have music and fashion not been tied together? Creative expression can be in any form, no matter what capacity. It’s about sending a message and communicating with those around you. Whether it was an 18th century performance from Mozart for the King and Queen of the time or modern day artists like The Migos doing a ground shaking performance in front of thousands, what you wear has always been a statement. Here at Music Makes Me High, we give you clothing that not only expresses the universal effect of music, but also keeps you in style and fashion-forward. We want you to look and feel good.