Our Culture

Here at Music Makes Me High we believe the impact of music is universal. While music has a different effect on everybody, we know for sure that it is an experience that we all share. It is a subconscious force that influences our everyday lives. Because of this, we strive to capture the essence of what it means to be "High" on music through our community of fans, artists, musicians, and fashion.

There are many methods in the world that allow people to cope with life but we choose to focus on how music can be that escape in our lifestyle and culture. We know that music helps us describe our most intimate and celebratory moments in life. Our substance of choice is music. Music Makes Me High.

This long time mission of our company Grandpa Productions has always been to be the ALTERNATIVE. Because of that, when I decided to become a solo music artist I wanted to create a brand that was true to who I was. In the Hip-Hop community there are lots of artists who base their image on drugs and alcohol. I, however, don't smoke and didn't want to be limited by such things and thus Music Makes Me High was born.

"My substance of choice is music" became one of the phrases I attached my brand to. I understood that we all connect on another level with music in a way that gives us a "high" and all want to be put in a different state of mind when we listen to music. My brand has since evolved to other ideas and mantras but Music Makes Me High was the first.