Music Makes Me High — There's No Wrong Place For Music

There's No Wrong Place For Music

No Matter Where You Are

One of the best parts about music is it can be taken anywhere and heard in so many different manners. Whether it’s on the radio, vinyl, on streaming platforms, at a live concert, on television, in the car, etc., there’s no wrong place or time to listen to music. There is a song for every moment, no matter what the context. We ranked our top five favorite places to listen to music and the ways the are most fitting.

1. On A Road Trip

There is something about being out on the open road with the windows down and singing

along to songs playing on your favorite radio station or playing from your phone. Joining in unison with Lynyrd Skynyrd to sing “Sweet Home Alabama” or with OutKast to the dynamic “Ms. Jackson” is always a tried and true, great time. There’s always those songs about escaping that place you in a wanderlust, dreamscape-like place. A good number of road trip songs tend to center around going to a place to discover where you belong or a part of yourself, which is a component of traveling in itself- to discover. There is a sense of freedom when you are out on the open road that the right songs are able to elevate the whole experience.

2. Working Out

One of the ways that music also elevates us is by making the whole working out process more bearable. Having tracks playing that are upbeat, energizing and motivating push you to go that extra mile or rep. It helps you zone out and get into a more focused mode, whether that means listening to Madonna, The Killers, Nine Inch Nails or Outkast, it’s about finding  that song that propels you. Finding songs that have lyrics that are inspirational will help you get one step closer to your physical goals. There are so many distractions at the gym, but music can act as a productive, positive distraction that elevates your mood and makes you want to be active.

3. On A Record Player

When the record player came back into style and considered cool, a lot of people thought the rise of vinyl would just be a another fad, but it’s illustrated that it’s here to stay. A lot of people used to think that having vinyl collections was only for middle-aged people who can’t get with the times, but vinyl is a special way to experience music. Having an album in a physical capacity holds significance for a lot of people. It’s not the same as holding a cd or a tape, but for a lot of musicians, having your album on vinyl represents a level of legitimacy and is always a solid merch choice for when they go on tour. Of course vinyl possesses a level of nostalgia and back to a more authentic way to listen to albums. When you can hear the imperfections in a recording or the ebb and flow of a recording, it’s something you don’t get when streaming music.

4. Walking Around

When you have your headphones on and are walking around town, it’s like you have your own theme song or like you are in a television show where the music supervisor picks tracks to follow you around. Having that special playlists makes walking, taking the bus, or a car ride more bearable and you become more focused on the next queued song compared to getting to the actual destination. You have a rhythm to step along and bop your head to. It’s another point about how music can provide an escape. You can be in a crowded space and listen to one song, then feel as though you are all by yourself. Sure you can’t really teleport yourself places yet, but with music you can.

5.  Live and In Person  

    One of the best ways to listen to music is live and in person. There are really no comparisons to seeing a truly great artist live. When you see a great band live, you can see the passion, emotion, and authenticity in a performance. It’s about the excitement and atmosphere they are able to create amongst a surging audience, allowing us to connect with complete strangers nearby. It’s always a disappointment when you go see an artist and they couldn’t look more bored playing on stage. Then other times you see those artists who are electrodynamic and make you feel something. It’s the excitement that leads up to a show and how live music can make a real impact on you.