Music Makes Me High — We Hate T-Shirts

We Hate T-Shirts

Just Another To Go In The Bottom Drawer.

Another Day, Another T-Shirt

At every event you have ever gone to, there was probably a t-shirt available, whether they give one away for free or there is one available to buy. There are times that the t-shirt may actually be a cool design and you make an effort to wear the shirt, then there are times where it just goes to rest in the back of your dresser. There isn’t anything that great about a basic white t-shirt with ironed-on-letters of a company or band’s name. That is the kinda apparel that has no real significance and is a bland design that doesn’t allow for any kind of connection.

If you are just wearing them for fashion purposes, then go for it. We prefer a genuine band t-shirt or a music related shirt that makes a statement, one that is coinciding with a part of yourself. A shirt that represents something you are passionate about, creates a conversation with other people. When you buy another t shirt, makes sure it’s not just that-another t-shirt. Make sure that if you’re going to spend your money on one, it’s worthwhile. How does that t-shirt make you feel when you wear it? What is the purpose for wearing this show?

Words Matter

There’s the phrase “A picture says a thousand words”, but other times a bold phrase can hold a thousand inferences. An album title or a phrase about music itself can mean something different to a lot of people. The design of a great music-related shirt should be about authenticity and originality, not just soley having a band’s name on it- anyone can make a shirt like that.

Our whole aim with our phrase “Music Makes Me High” is to convey to others that music provides us a level of elation and enjoyment that can be hard to describe. Sometimes it can be hard to express how much something can mean and a simple sentence can sum everything up. So don’t be a walking billboard, wear apparel that conveys something real.