Music Makes Me High — What was your Musical Moment?

What was your Musical Moment?

This is Why I Got Hooked On Music

It’s More Than Three Minutes of Sound

There’s never not a time that you want to feel like someone understands you or to have a feeling of belonging. You can develop that not just from friends or family, but from a place or things like creative expression, such as a record or a song. Music can provide you a space to feel you are understood and like those songs explain what your words can’t. The ability a song has to repeat a feeling and can become like a silent, judgeless companion. You may be all alone in your room, but with the right artist, It’s like they are right next to you. It be can be a type of escapism, away from your problems, from people, and everyday life.

It’s those moments sitting somewhere and listening to a track that reaches you on a deep level, like nothing else does. The times you are driving around in a car, lying on your bed, dancing around with a friend, yelling along to a cool chorus, it’s those moments that everything around you vanishes and you’re left with a euphoric or calming sentiment. What song grabs you? What artist do you feel reaches into your mind? What records compose your personal soundtrack?  Music matters because it helps you make sense of yourself and the world around you, it can speak for you, comfort you, connect you with complete strangers and as a vessel for diverse, personal expression.

Looking Back

I remember my first musically "High" experience was at the Kanye West concert for his "Touch The Sky" tour. It was my freshman year in college, my friends and I had made plans to go to the concert. My roommate and I both took our girlfriends at the time and met up with some of our other friends at the venue. I remember the four of us going to Ruby Tuesday's first to eat and we were actually running late to the concert. Luckily Kanye had two openers, Keyshia Cole and Fantasia.

I'll never forget what it felt like walking into the Hampton Coliseum. Fantasia was in the thick of her performance, doing a hell of a job I might add. There were so many people and the sound was AMAZING. I was instantly caught in the moment and excited that we actually had pretty decent seats. All I could think was wow, I'm really here about to see one of my favorite artists perform and then it happened. The lights got low. People started yelling. Kanye West came out and put on a crazy show! He had live musicians behind these big, colorful columns that allowed you to see the silhouette of each musician creating a very unique effect.

I remember that I never sat down the whole show and didn't even think about wanting to. All of this added to my "high" moment, but the pinnacle was when he performed my favorite song of his "Diamonds Are Forever". After he performed that song I officially ascended to cloud nine and I was gone. That was my first and probably most notable "high" experience. What's yours?